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Sports, Entertainment & Tourism

Fabulously Profitable, Managed Business $1,800,000
Suburban Auckland
EBPITDA $520k and growing. Fantastic, affordable, recently refurbished facility in suburban Auckland location. Operates under experienced, professional management. Owner works approx. 2-4 hours per week (mostly from home). Franchised 24-hour fit...

Stood The Test Of Time - Profitable, Great Locatio $295,000
This well-established store is the largest specialist retailer of magazines on th...

Highest Uncond. Offer By 15th March 2019 Accepted $0
A genuinely urgent health situation has dictated that this business MUST be sold...

Expert Staff, Great Clients & $160k Cash Surplus $380,000
Located in a very well established yet growing community, I am excited to present...

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